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Winter made better with Sober Carpenter's non-alcoholic beer

The cold weather hydration you didn’t know you needed

In our hometown of Montreal, snow and cold are a major part of everyday life from December until at least March. But that doesn’t mean we hibernate for 3+ months. The best way to beat winter is to embrace it. Grab a pair of skis, snowshoes, a toboggan, skates or even just a warm pair of boots, step outside, and wonderful things will happen. 


Spending time in the great outdoors comes with so many benefits for both our mental and physical health. Yes, you’re absorbing important Vitamin D from the sun, but, best of all, physical activity is known to decrease the effects of stress on the body and improve mental health. That’s a win all around –– especially during the long winter months.


One thing we tend to forget about when exercising in the cold is hydration. What’s so obvious in the summer becomes an afterthought because the body doesn’t get as hot, and our sweat evaporates faster in the cold air. 


Enjoy more happy moments and fewer hangovers


When it comes to hydration, water is always best. But if you can’t wrap your head around the idea of pouring water into your body when there’s snow (frozen water) on the ground, you’ve come to the right place. At Sober Carpenter, we make hydration something to look forward to, wherever your winter activities take you. Every can of Sober Carpenter delivers 473 ml of hydrating liquid and the taste is chef’s kiss.  


Après Ski drinks is a popular tradition relished by skiers on slopes around the world. It’s a French term, which word-for-word translates into “after-ski”.  To maximize recovery and make the most of your outdoor adventuring, also make sure you’re rehydrating at the end of the day. Sip your favourite non-alcohol beer while you chill in the hot tub or relax around a fire. Bonus: No hangover.


Winter activity Sober Carpenter pairings from the experts


Let’s preface this list by saying there’s no right or wrong way to pair your non-alcoholic craft beer. We asked members of our SC team to share the beers they like to drink when partaking in their favourite winter activities.


Superbowl Sunday with the Discovery Pack

“One of our traditions is to host a game of flag football outside before coming in to rehydrate and set up on the couch for the big game. I always make sure to have at least one Discovery Pack chilled and ready to go featuring West Coast (3), Blonde Ale (3), Irish Red (2), White Wheat (2) and Organic Session IPA (2). It’s a win for everyone.” 


Snowshoeing with Blonde Ale

“Snowshoeing is so underrated. You don’t need any lessons –– just a pair of snowshoes and motivation. My motivation is a can of our Sober Carpenter Blonde Ale. It’s an easy-drinking beer with accents of malt and a light hop finish. Crisp, refreshing and hydrating.”


Hiking with West Coast IPA

“I like to hike year-round, especially in winter. The landscape takes on an almost magical feel covered in snow. So much so that the trail you hiked over the summer may feel like a completely different place. When I need a rest, I crack open a can of our West Coast IPA, a hops-heavy NA craft beer loaded with hops and notes of tropical fruit and citrus.”


Winter biking with Irish Red Ale 

“Biking is my thing, come sun, rain or snow. The three things I like most about winter biking are the frosty air, quiet trails and the unadulterated joy of a Sober Carpenter Irish Red Ale after a cold ride. Brewed in the Irish style with Windsor yeast, I can’t get enough of the malty aromas and subtle notes of coffee and caramel.”


Hot tub with White Wheat Beer

“After a long day at work, on the slopes, the trails or whatever, a soak in the hot tub with my partner always does me some good. If you ask me, the experience is not complete without a can of Sober Carpenter White Wheat with balanced aromas of orange and coriander.”


Wait! Don’t forget Valentine’s Day February 14th 


Celebrate your favourite human with a fabulous homemade meal and sips of Sober Carpenter. Or give the gift that keeps on giving –– a subscription to the SC Club with exclusive perks. We’ll deliver products of their choice right to their door every month, and they can skip or cancel at any time. 


How do you do winter?

There are so many ways to enjoy the cold and snow that envelop the landscape over the winter months. We’d love to see how you stay active and how you hydrate. Tag us in your photos and videos on Instagram or Facebook and maybe you’ll see yourself in our content. We can’t wait to be inspired!


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