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Have you ever wondered how Sober Carpenter beers were made? How it goes down behind the brewery’s wall ?
With a series of short videos, we are offering you a behind the scenes access to the production of our non-alcoholic beers. You will have the opportunity to visit our brewery, learn about the fermentation process of our beers and meet the master brewers behind your favorite beers.
At Sober Carpenter, we aim to create the best non-alcoholic beers without compromising on the signature taste of a craft beer. We are focused on keeping all the same flavors you would find in an alcoholic craft beer, without the alcohol content. To do so, we use different fermentation and filtration process depending on the type of beer we are brewing.
The alcohol content of beer is typically produced during the fermentation process, where yeast metabolizes the sugars in the malt to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide. At Sober Carpenter, we cut the fermentation a little early to ensure that the alcohol percentage in the beer stays below 0,5%.
This concludes our first video. In the following weeks, we will be showcasing the next steps in the production of our non-alcoholic beers. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to discover our new videos and follow us on Instagram for more exclusive content! See you next week 👋
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