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DDH Hazy IPA - Limited Edition - 12 x 473ml

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*Contain Lactose*

For this Discovery Series Edition, our brewers were excited to use experimental hops #06297, known as lotus hops. The orange and vanilla notes from our carefully selected hops combined with the silkiness of the oats used in the mash create a velvety, Hazy IPA, reminiscent of a vanilla orange creamsicle🍊🍦

Double Dry Hopped beers have been dry-hopped twice during the fermentation process, increasing the complex aromas, our experience of the beer's flavour is enhanced. Cheers!!

12 x 473 ml

Contains: Gluten, Lactose 

Less than 0,5% Alc/Vol.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
This needs to be a regular

This is by far the best non-alcoholic IPA I’ve tried. Sober Carpenter has some great ones but this one is outstanding. Last summer I served it to a few friends and they didn’t believe me when I told them it was non-alc. Please add this one as a regular. Please!!!!


Gout de houblon très présent, nous fait oublier que c’est un produit sans alcool. Longue vie et merci de permettre aux amateurs de houblon ne pouvant plus boire d’alcool, d’encore pouvoir apprécier ce parfum.

Very good

To echo the other reviewers, I would like to see this as a staple beer. Its definitely one of my favorite beers ive tried so far. As I write this review im sorry to see it sold out. Im waiting to see it back on the shelf.

Tom Maxwell
I took one sip and was compelled to immediately come and write a review

Hands down the best non-alcoholic beer I've had. I've been struggling to stay off the alcohol and I'm 60 days in. Beer like this is going to keep me going for the long haul. Please make this one a permanent edition!

Best Non-Alcoholic

Definitely the best non alcoholic beer I’ve ever had that is a craft style. Hope there is more coming in the near future !