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The best spots to enjoy a cold Sober Carpenter this summer

The best spots to enjoy a cold Sober Carpenter this summer

Chilling by the Lake this summer: What if you bring your crew to one of these famous spots to enjoy a Sober Carpenter?
Grab your crew, crack open a cold one, and get ready for a lakeside adventure in the most 'instagrammable' spots to enjoy a non-alcoholic beer while basking in the breathtaking beauty of nature. No stress about the long car ride, you've stocked up on non-alcoholic beer!😉

British Columbia - Emerald Bay, Lake Louise

You, your crew, your brew and an idyllic setting where crystal-clear turquoise waters meet towering mountains.

Quebec - Mont-Tremblant

A picturesque lake awaits you, surrounded by lush forests and awe-inspiring mountain peaks—raise your glass in celebration of nature's majesty!

Ontario - Wasaga Beach
Picture this: soft sand beneath your toes, a cool breeze rustling through the air, and the tranquil waters of Georgian Bay stretching before you.

Quebec - Tadoussac - Sentier de la pointe de l’Islet

Open a beer and watch the whales swimming in the St. Lawrence right in front of you.

Alberta - Moraine Lake:
Escape to this gem tucked away in the Canadian Rockies, where azure waters mirror towering peaks and forests, and toast to unforgettable moments.

Pack your cooler, bring your favorite non-alcoholic beers, and make memories in these breathtaking locations. Remember, there are countless other wondrous places to discover, so share them with us on social media and let's raise a toast to the beauty of Canada's lakes! Cheers!

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