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Six tips for a boo-tifully sober Halloween

The peak point of fall has to be Halloween. From wow-worthy costumes to pumpkin picking, trick-or-treating, and jump scares, what’s not to love? When you’re an adult, Halloween is also about parties and booze. We’re here to say that you can easily enjoy everything (EVERYTHING) on your All Hallow’s Eve bucket list without alcohol.

Whether you’re closing out Sober October, you live sober, or you’d like to skip the spirits this year, here are a few tips to help you creep it real.

How to celebrate sober Halloween

Our favourite Halloween parties have always been house parties. You get to choose your guests, you’ll obviously feel more at home, and it’s the perfect opportunity to stretch your creative muscles.

Before sending out the invitations, decide whether you’d like to designate your party as officially alcohol-free. And don’t be shy. Plenty of people are willing to keep their alcohol at home if you ask.

Set the tone for your sober Halloween party with a houseful of jaw-dropping decorations. If you’re on a tight budget, you can raid your local discount store. But have you ever scouted ghostly décor from a thrift shop? So many great finds! Candle holders, distressed mirrors and vintage apothecary bottles are just a few examples you can use to amplify the atmosphere.

You’ve got a great party lined up, which means your guests are going to be thirsty. Keep everyone hydrated and happy with a selection of NA drinks. We recommend our Sober Carpenter Discovery Pack featuring West Coast IPA, Blonde Ale, Irish Red, White Wheat Beer, and Organic Session IPA. There’s something for every palate. For a creepy feel, try serving up our new Limited Edition Black IPA.

The pumpkin carving contest is always a gourd time. Pick up a few pumpkins from the market or ask guests to bring their own––whatever works for you. Then make sure you have enough stencils, carving tools, newspaper, a composting bin and the space for everyone to carve. Finally, stand back and watch your people carve magic and laughter from an oversized orange squash.

Halloween is the only time of year when it’s considered socially acceptable (even encouraged) to dress as someone else. And you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to do it. We dug up a couple of old sheets, cut holes for the eyes, and added our favourite Sober Carpenter accessories. Don’t knock it––for centuries, dressing in sheets was an extremely effective way of scaring people.

If the sheet ghost isn’t your thing, keep your eyes peeled for ideas at the thrift shop. Off the top of our heads: Bell bottoms (hippie), a black dress (witch) or an oversized black suit (Charlie Chaplain). Bonus: When you thrift, you’re reducing textile waste.

Who says you need alcohol to let loose? Now that you’ve set the mood with decorations, costumes and a pumpkin carving contest, it’s time for a dance-off. With streaming services like Spotify and YouTube, it’s never been easier to crank the volume on a wide selection of Halloween hits.

Finally, just relax and have a good time. When hosting Halloween, what’s most important is that you have fun and enjoy the company of friends. The rest is just candied corn.

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