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Have you ever wondered how Sober Carpenter beers were made? How it goes down behind the brewery’s wall? We are offering you a behind the scenes access to the production of our non-alcoholic beers. You will have the opportunity to visit our brewery, learn about the fermentation process of our beer and meet the master brewers behind your favorite beer. In this week’s episode, lets dive into the difference between regular beer and non-alcoholic beer.

The filtration process for non-alcoholic beer is different from regular beer because there are some restrictions on the use of certain filtration techniques that would remove the flavor and other essential components of the beverage. Therefore, non-alcoholic beer require specialized filtration techniques to preserve their flavor and aroma. At Sober Carpenter, we use the stop-fermentation method. In this method the fermentation process is halted before it has completed its natural cycle, therefore limiting the amount of alcohol that is produced.

You can read more about the different fermentation process in our ‘’How to make non-alcoholic beer?’’ article available here

The other difference between regular beer and non-alcoholic beer is the multitude of ways you can enjoy it. Being non-alcoholic, our beer can be consumed while being out with friends, while boating, on a hike, by the beach, while camping, for a great after ski reward and the list goes on. You can pretty much enjoy them whenever and wherever you want. Plus, with the updated guidelines on alcohol consumption released by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) in January 2023, it’s even easier to reduce your alcohol consumption. You can use our beers to create the perfect mocktail for any occasion. No dizziness, no hangover, just great memories. What’s not to love? Cheers!

This concludes our third video. In the following weeks, we will be showcasing the next steps in the production of our non-alcoholic beers. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to discover our new videos and follow us on Instagram for more exclusive content! See you next week 👋

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