Irish red

case of 4 cans

Brewed in the irish style with windsor yeast, you’ll notice the malt focused aromas of this medium bodied ale. The roasted barley translated into subtle notes of coffee and caramel.

Malts : Roasted barley, crystal, dark, pale

Beer : 60 Calories

Hops : East kent golding, fuggle

IBU : 24


Balanced, easy drinking beer with a moderate malt character full of caramel and toasted notes. The deep reddish copper color comes from crystal malt and a small dose of highly kilned grain, including roasted barley.

FOOD pairing:

Pairs well with everyday recipes like roasted or grilled chicken, roasted veggies and cheddar.


Gold medal
USA Beer Ratings 2021


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Matthew Pyper

On September 8 2021

Tastes just like an Irish red should. In fact, I've had reds with less flavor that were alcoholic. This full bodied beer hits all the right spots. From the initial smell after cracking the can to that crisp last gulp of bitter with a sweet aftertaste this beer will not disappoint. I usually drink cold but even at room temp the flavors are great. After a hard day at work I reach for one of these to complement dinner.

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