“Did you know?”  Saint Patrick edition

“Did you know?” Saint Patrick edition


Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated every March 17th and some cities give it more importance than others.  In Canada, the celebrations might have nothing to compare to Dublin, Chicago or Boston but we think that any beer festival is worth celebrating;) So we decided to share a "did you know" section with unusual facts about this Irish festival. You might learn some interesting stuff ;)

☘️ The first St. Patrick's Day parade in Canada was in Montreal! It took place in 1824.

☘️ St. Patrick's official color was blue! The blue color has a deep meaning and roots in Irish mythology, history and culture. When George III created the "Order of Saint Patrick", its official color was even called "St. Patrick’s Blue ”. So why not coat your face with blue paint on March 17th instead of green paint? Between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the color green as well as the famous Saint Patrick's Day shamrock became a symbol of identity, patriotism and even rebellion for the Irish.

☘️ The city of Chicago dyes its river green every year. Every year since 1962, the Chicago River has been dyed green using 40 pounds of an eco-friendly powder dye that organizers call "pixie dust".
☘️ Saint Patrick used to be an alcohol free holiday... It may be hard to believe but it is true! St. Patrick's Day was originally treated more as a religious holiday and all pubs in Ireland were closed. This was the case until the 1970s! A good reason to enjoy a good non-alcoholic beer, in memory of the good old days!
☘️ St. Patrick was not really Irish! Probably the most surprising fact so far, St. Patrick was actually English. He was born in England towards the end of the 4th century and came to Ireland, originally as a slave, where he was held captive for 6 years. He eventually escaped to England, but returned to Ireland later in life as a missionary.
☘️ There were no snakes in Ireland... Saint Patrick's legendary feat was to drive the snakes out of Ireland in a powerful sermon he delivered. However, this is scientifically inaccurate, as the climate in Ireland, especially at the time, was not suitable for the life of snakes.

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